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AOP 2024

 The 6th International Conference on Application of Optics and Photonics will take place July 16 to 19, 2024, at the University of Aveiro, in Aveiro, Portugal.


Full Professor Prof. Miguel González Herráez's talk about Understanding the Ocean Using Submarine Optical Fibre Cables

Optics conference Plenary Sessions 


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Invited Talk Prof. Sonia Martín López

Distributed Acoustic Sensors 

(DAS) for Seafloor Seismic Monitoring:

from earthquakes to tsunamis

In recent decades, the massive use of telecommunications has driven the need to lay millions of kilometers of optical fiber cables all over the planet, particularly in the oceans. Recent developments in the field of fiber optic sensing have revealed the possibility of transforming all these cables into powerful arrays of geophysical sensors, capable of measuring variables such as deformation and temperature with high sensitivity, over tens of kilometers of distance and providing spatial information. This talk will review the key technological aspects behind these systems, with special attention to the performance achievable in this application scenario.

Prof. Sonia Martín López - Co-Head

Photonics Engineering Group, of Alcala de Henares, Spain

Thursday 20/12:10 h - ISLIST / UIMP


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Research Lines

  • Fabrication of materials and photonics devices.

    The group has been involved in the field of development and fabrication of materials and photonics devices based mainly on group III nitrides. Within these research lines, the group has a deep expertise in the deposition of metals and III-Nitrides by sputtering on several kind of surfaces, like standard optical fibre, flexible substrates, sapphire and Silicon.

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  • Ferroelectric/piezoelectric materials with perovskite structure for energy harvesting systems.

    Integration, characterization, modelling (FEM) and application to electronics of ferroelectric/piezoelectric materials with perovskite structure with different compositions. That line has evolved in the combination of these piezoelectric materials with magnetic materials to manufacture multiferroic materials (in a single phase and composites) for energy harvesting systems.

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  • Distributed Fiber Sensors.

    In the last five years, the activity in The Photonics Engineering Research Group GRIFO has been very intense in terms of scientific production. In particular, in the research line of distributed fiber optic sensors 2016 was a particularly important year as a new technique for distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) was demonstrated by the group. Since then, this technique has been at the core of many investigations of this group in the last five years, as it offers disruptive properties that have not only spurred the interest of the scientific community, but also from commercial companies which license the patents associated to the technique and have developed it into commercial products (particularly Omnisens, CH, and Aragon Photonics, ES).

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