Top Scoring Student Paper Award

The 27th OFS conference (OFS 2022) held in Alexandria, Virginia, from August 29 to September 2, 2022, has awarded D. Miguel Soriano Amat, the "Top Scoring Student Paper Award" for his contribution: “25 Million sensing measurements per second using Quasi-Integer Ratio Time-Expanded φOTDR”. This work shows the importance of the frequency stability of the reference clock in a Quasi-Integer-Ratio Time Expanded ΦOTDR (QIR-TE-ΦOTDR) system.

 In addition to the award-winning work, the Photonic Engineering Group of the University of Alcalá has presented our works of the last year (2022):

  • Vicente Duran, Camilo José Escobar Vera, Miguel Soriano Amat, Aldo Moreno Oyervides, Farid Ullah Khan, Oscar Bonilla Manrique, María del Rosario Fernández Ruiz, Sonia Martín-López, Miguel González-Herráez, Pedro Martin Mateos. “Spatially resolved dual-comb sensing using a single electro-optic modulator”
  • INVITED: Regina Magalhaes, Luis Costa, Sonia Martín-López, Miguel González-Herráez, Alejandro F. Braña, Hugo Fidalgo Martins."Real Time Distributed Solar Irradiance sensing: a step closer to smart photovoltaic grids"
  • Pedro J. Vidal-Moreno, Etienne Rochat, María del Rosario Fernández Ruiz; Hugo Fidalgo Martins, Sonia Martín-López, Manuel Ocaña Miguel, Miguel González-Herráez. “Towards ultra-stable DAS measurements”
  • Javier Preciado Garbayo, Miguel Soriano Amat, Pascual Sevillano, David Izquierdo; Hugo Fidalgo Martins, Sonia Martín-López, Miguel González-Herráez, María del Rosario Fernández Ruiz, Juan J. Martinez. "Integrable Architecture for Time expanded Phase-sensitive OTDR based on PRBS "
  • INVITED: Miguel González-Herráez. “Distributed acoustic sensing in seismology
  • Miguel Soriano Amat, Vicente Duran, Hugo Fidalgo Martins, Javier Preciado Garbayo, Sonia Martin-Lopez, Miguel González-Herráez. “Time-Domain Expansion in Phase-sensitive Optical Domain Reflectometry”.