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Year: 2019

  • Regina Magalhães, S. M (2019). Spectrally-resolved distributed optical fibre bolometry. In. [More]
  • Luis Costa, S. M (2019). Optimization of first-order phase noise cancellation in CP-φOTDR. In. [More]
  • Soriano Amat, M. M (2019). Characterization and modelling of induced "virtual" perturbations in chirped pulse phi-OTDR. In. [More]
  • Fernández-Ruiz, E. L (2019). Teleseisms monitoring using chirped-pulse phiOTDR. In. [More]
  • María R. FERNÁNDEZ-RUIZ, E. F (2019). Monitorización de actividad sísmica usando sensores distribuidos en fibra basados en φOTDR y pulsos con chirp. In. [More]
  • Andrés GARCÍA-RUIZ, H. F. (2019). Aplicación de la técnica φOTDR de pulsos chirpados a la detección distribuida de hidrógeno y deuterio. , . [More]
  • Ethan Williams, R. M. (2019). Teleseisms and microseisms on an 2 ocean-bottom distributed acoustic sensing array 2 ocean-bottom distributed acoustic sensing array. , . [More]
  • Zhang, L., Costa, L. D., Yang, Z., Soto, M. A., Gonzalez-Herraez, M. & Thevenaz, L. (2019). Analysis and Reduction of Large Errors in Rayleigh-based Distributed Sensor. Journal of Lightwave Technology, , 1-1. [More]
  • Rodríguez-Schwendtner, E., Navarrete, M., Díaz-Herrera, N., González-Cano, A. & {Esteban}, Ó. (2019). Advanced plasmonic fiber-optic sensor for high sensitivity measurement of magnetic field. IEEE Sensors Journal, , 1-1. [More]
  • Garcia-Ruiz, A., Martins, H., Magalhães, R., Pereira, J. M., Tarasenko, O., Norin, L. et al. (2019). Hermetic carbon coatings for electro-thermal all-fiber phase modulators. Journal of Lightwave Technology, , 1-1. [More]
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