The following objectives will be addressed in this project, separated in well-defined work-packages:

  • Study of a distributed fibre sensing system with sub-centimetre spatial resolution, keeping a dynamic range of kilometres.
  • Study of a distributed fibre sensing system with a measurement range of >200 km, keeping a resolution of 1-2 metres.
  • Experimental demonstration of a new interrogation technique capable of delivering real-time distributed measurement of deformations (delivery of measurements with time response in the order of or below 1 second). The target performance in terms of range and resolution are those of the standard systems nowadays (30 km range, 1 metre resolution).
  • Theoretical and experimental investigation of new networking possibilities in distributed optical fibre sensors. The goal is to prove that many relatively complex infrastructures that follow network patterns can be monitored with a single interrogation unit, without changing its physical location, by using the adequate multiplexing techniques to address each section.