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Year: 2015

  • Martins, H. F., Pastor-Graells, J., Cortés, L. R., Piote, D., Martin-Lopez, S., Azaña, J. et al. (2015). PROUD-based method for simple real-time in-line characterization of propagation-induced distortions in NRZ data signals. Optics Letters, 40(18), 4356-4359. [More] [Online version]
  • Soto, M. A., Lu, X., Martins, H. F., Gonzalez-Herraez, M. & Thévenaz, L. (2015). Distributed phase birefringence measurements based on polarization correlation in phase-sensitive optical time-domain reflectometers. Optics Express, 23(19), 24923-24936. [More] [Online version]
  • Martins, H. F., Piote, D., Tejedor, J., Macias-Guarasa, J., Pastor-Graells, J., Martin-Lopez, S. et al (2015). Early detection of pipeline integrity threats using a SmarT Fiber- OPtic surveillance system: The PIT-STOP project. In, pages 96 347X–1–96 347X–4. [More] [Online version]
  • Lopez-Gil, A., Angulo-Vinuesa, X., Dominguez-Lopez, A., Martin-Lopez, S. & Gonzalez-Herraez, M (2015). Simple BOTDA temperature sensor based on distributed Brillouin Phase-Shift measurements within a Sagnac interferometer. In, pages 96346L-1 - 96346L-4. [More] [Online version]
  • Dominguez-Lopez, A., Yang, Z., Soto, M. A., Angulo-Vinuesa, X., Martin-Lopez, S., Thevenaz, L. et al (2015). Reaching the ultimate performance limit given by non-local effects in BOTDA sensors. In. [More] [Online version]
  • Angulo-Vinuesa, X., Dominguez-Lopez, A., Lopez-Gil, A., Ania-Castañon, J. D., Martin-Lopez, S. & Gonzalez-Herraez, M (2015). Rating the limitations and effectiveness of BOTDA range extension techniques. In. [More] [Online version]
  • Rota-Rodrigo, S., González-Herráez, M. & Lopez-Amo, M (2015). Fiber laser sensor system based on a random mirror and a compound ring resonator for displacement measurements. In. [More] [Online version]
  • Viveiros, D., Ribeiro, J., Ferreira, J., Lopez-Aldaba, A., Pinto, A. M., Perez-Herrera, R. A. et al (2015). Fiber optic sensing system for temperature and gas monitoring in coal waste pile combustion environments. In. SPIE. [More] [Online version]
  • Lopez-Gil, A., Dominguez-Lopez, A., Martin-Lopez, S. & Gonzalez-Herraez, M. (2015). Simple method for the elimination of polarization noise in BOTDA using balanced detection and orthogonal probe sidebands. Journal of Lightwave Technology, 33(12), 2605-2610. [More] [Online version]
  • Rota-Rodrigo, S., González-Herráez, M. & López-Amo, M. (2015). Compound lasing fiber optic ring resonators for sensor sensitivity enhancement. Journal of Lightwave Technology, 33(12), 2690-2696. [More] [Online version]
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